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Welcome to the Magical Mallow Co.! We are a small business out of Thornton, CO dedicated to bringing you the fluffiest, delicious-est, most magical marshmallows that you deserve.

Our marshmallows are non-GMO and made with simple honest ingredients. We use local Colorado ingredients whenever possible and strive for that perfect, pillowy bite every time.

The Magical Mallow Co. is proudly co-owned by Daniela Chavez and Ben Asser. Daniela and Ben met while working long hours in the hotel industry and quickly fell in love. A few years later, the duo has put their heads together to create the next sensation to sweep the nation: MAGICAL MALLOWS!
Magical Mallow Co. founder in Colorado
Daniela Chavez is a first generation Peruvian-American raised in Denver, CO. Her absolute favorite treat is none other than a s'more-- but she always knew we could do better than a tasteless, preservatives-packed marshmallow from a giant plastic bag. Daniela's experience in food and beverage prepared her for her biggest endeavor to date--bringing the boldest, wackiest, most delicious flavors to your campfire or kitchen with the Magical Mallow Co.! When she's not making marshmallows, she's playing with her puppy Cleo and drinking lots of coffee. Yes, with melted marshmallows on top.

Magical Mallow Co. founder Ben in Colorado
Ben Asser was born in the Netherlands and mostly raised in Phoenix, AZ.  After a hike in the Rockies with Daniela, Ben heard about Daniela’s grand idea to craft elevated marshmallows and change the s’mores game. Ben's experience with small business spurred his involvement in Daniela's dream. When he's not assisting with the business, Ben is writing screenplays and gearing up for law school.

A Thankful Tribute
We are extremely grateful to say the initial seed money for the business has come from a donation by the Foundation for Individual Compensation for Victims of WWII Transport by NS. This individual payment was made as a moral gesture for those victimized by the Dutch Railroad (NS) during the Second World War.  Ben’s great-grandparents (Isaac Asser and Johanna van West) were victims of the Holocaust and this payment was intended for the heirs of those victimized. We intend to honor their memory by creating a successful company that celebrates diversity, equality, and freedom. 

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